A strong approach to anything racist is the right way to go – Famous Commentator Peter Drury

that discrimination wherever it exists in the society must not be encouraged.

Renowned international football commentator Peter Drury has made a passionate statement, where he indicated that ‘any gesture that demonstrates a unity in the fight against racism in football must be a good gesture’.

Drury in an interview with Fancy Di Maria on SilverFM insisted that ‘anything racist is the wrong way to go’ and that discrimination wherever it exists in the society must not be encouraged.

”The problem comes when anything is politicized and so this becomes an argument because any right minded person will not consider a gesture like this as wrong ” 

”Some people see it as political gesture rather than humanitarian, a gesture of decency, of reason and of understanding that the colour of one’s skin should not matter and that discrimination should not occur”

”Hopefully we all agreed that any step away from racism is a good step and so personally I have no problem in supporting as a human gesture players taking the knee because racism is appalling and we must get rid of it” he said.

Drury’s unique and poetic approach to football commentary has become a huge hit. He is well-known for his enthralling commentaries that have been broadcast to the world for more than two decades.

He has been in the game for a long time now, working for the likes of ITV, BT Sport, Premier League productions, FIFA , Amazon Prime Video.

The 53-year-old Briton stated he is looking forward to an exciting European Championship despite an unusual football season characterized by fixture congestions, postponement and restrictions due to the escalation in positive COVID-19 cases.

He named top 5 players to star at EURO 2020;

Memphis Depay – Netherlands
Kevin De Bruyne – Belgium
Kylian Mbappé – France
Jack Grealish / Phil Foden – England
İlkay Gündoğan – Germany

Mark F. | SilverFM

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