#SportsCenter: Peter Drury on 2020-21 Premier League Player of the Season award

”In the end I would not disagree with the choice of Ruben Dias”, Ace International Football Commentator Peter Drury told SilverSports 

A season full of twist and turns, alteration of plots and sub-plots, the 2020-21 Premier League (PL) was characterised by postponement and restrictions due to the escalation in positive COVID-19 cases.In his view, Drury believes the 2020-21 Premier League(PL) despite the fixture congestions and player fatigues, the season still had some commendable individual player performances that need to be looked at.

”It is hard to argue that it is likely to come from Manchester City because they were the Champion Club and defensively they were extraordinary”

”Myself I am a great lover of a great goalkeeper and that’s why I was in fine towards Ederson, I know not many people turn to go for the goalkeeper but Ederson do not only make great saves but was also able to have this incredible dementia of being a fabulous passer of the ball over long distances” 

”Of course Kelvin De Bruyne was a wonderful watch as well as Ruben Dias, obviously John Stones along side them in the central defense , Joao Cancelo I thought was thrilling, Gundo Gan had a month or two and he really was in charge of Manchester City as he was scoring all of their goals” 

”Let it not be forgotten that for all of their problems Tottenham had Harry Kane being Premier League top scorer and so it will be childish not to consider him, it will be childish not to consider N’ Golo Kante at Chelsea….he was of course phenomenal in the Champions league final against Manchester City”

Champions Manchester City dominated the Premier League end-of-season awards with Ruben Dias, Phil Foden and Pep Guardiola all picking up prizes for the 2020/21 campaign.

Ruben Dias won the 2020-21 Premier League Player of the Year award after leading Man City to the title in his debut season following transfer from Benfica. Pep Guardiola picked Manager of the Season award whiles Phil Foden claimed Young Player of the Season award.

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