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Census enumerators refusing to return tablets-Census Methodology Head

The 2021 National Population and Housing Census (PHC) exercise ended some 2 months ago.

The 15-day national exercise which started on June 27, 2021 saw census officials (enumerator) visiting each household, administering questionnaires from the head of household or any other adult in the household.

The digital Census involves the use of tablets for data capture. Field officials ( enumerators ) collected all these data through the use of these TABLETS provided by the Population and Housing Census (PHC) authorities for effective and easiness of work.

Each enumerator was provided with one tablet which must be returned to Authorities after the enumeration as stated in the agreement form.

But according to the Head of the 2021 Census Methodology, the agreement has taken a different angle as some enumerators are refusing to report their data by keeping the tablet.

“Some enumerators have not returned their tablets for the data on it to be recorded saying we owe them and my brother, the agreement was that, when you finish your task, bring your data on the tablets and then get your remaining sum but these recalcitrant officials have not adhere to this directive and they are still keeping government property”, the Head of the 2021 Census Methodology, Mr. Owusu Kagya told Nana Ampratwum on Omanbapa Morning Show on Silver FM.

He said, majority of the enumerators have submitted their data have all been paid left with few who are yet to receive their remaining money.

“We have almost settled all those who finished collecting the data from their allocated areas”.

”Bring your data on the tablet and take your allowances but you said no, so how can we pay you???? Mr. Kagya stressed.

He’s therefore entreating those keeping the tablets to submit it to the appropriate quarters for their monies due them.

The Ghana 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) consisted of a population census and a housing census as one operation.

It helps in the determining the number of people who can pay taxes in a country and also helps to estimate the amount of revenue that can be obtained from the tax sector.

Forecasting possible economic needs, it helps to forecast the country’s economic needs, for example, electricity, housing, food, etc.


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