Let’s accept MMDCE nominees for the love of NPP – Nti Gyambibi

The Ashanti Regional Organizer aspirant for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nti-Gyambibi has urged all the 216 districts in Ghana to wholeheartedly accept and confirm the nomination of the various MMDCE by the President.

H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo through the Minister for Local Government Decentralization and Rural Development, Hon. Dan Kwaku Botwe on Sunday 18th September 2021 submitted for confirmation the constitutionally mandated list of MMDCEs for the second term of governance and has since been confronted with the sequel of disapproval from despondent assembly members and electorates in some districts.

It is worth noting that the long-awaited MMDCEs appointment was envisaged to have elicited several developmental problems at the local level with the social media space attributing several economic hardships hypotheses to its delay. And now that the list is out, it seems those who touted for it to be released timely are the same people conducting themselves in a manner that pursues to delay this process of approval and further prevent the development as bemoaned.

This has informed Nti Gyambibi, a loyal member of the New Patriotic Party who invariably prefers to see the formidableness of the party, to ask these two questions, why are people refusing the president’s nominee, and will it make any difference.

The party first supervised a regional vetting for the MMDCEs nominees which was further filtered at the National level with another circumspectly conducted vetting. Above all, the presumptive nominees were further evaluated by meriting quarters within the party and were then submitted to the president.

Considering all the processes the selection of the various MMDCEs passed through for it to be released by the president. It is of no doubt that the nominees are warranting for the purpose of selection as such, said by Nti-Gyambibi.

He continued, it is an undeniable knowledge that irrespective of the deservedness of these nominees, there would still be some displeasure from the electorates but for the Love of the party, let’s eschew all characteristics of resistance towards the president’s nominees and help in the process of approval in that regard.

The political glossary has established that there are no arsenals that can deter the stratagem of a well-rounded and united political party in any election. And if we give room for happenings like this to unfold as we seek to break the 8 jinxes in the country’s political history, we are seemingly creating a dark horse race for ourselves, Gyambibi admonished.

Nti-Gyambibi who contested in the party’s Regional elections (Ashanti Region) in 2018 has staged a comeback campaign ahead of the party’s next Regional elections in 2022 with the mantra of “Bridging the Gap To Break The 8”. It is anticipated that his official crusade will be initiated soon with his visions for the region and the party at large.

Source: Dominic | SilverFM

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