Do You Have A Big Belly? See 6 Foods You Should Avoid

The issue of a big stomach is very common amongst men, but women also experience this issue very well. In many African countries, it is easier to see men with potbellies, than to see the ones without potbelly. The ladies there also try their best to have a flat stomach, but we cannot ignore the fact that potbelly is now very common.

Some of the factors that contribute to belly fat include:

1. A lack of consistent physical activity

2. Molecular biology

3. Tobacco Use

4. Inadequate sleep

5. A bad diet

6. Excessive alcohol consumption.

Excess belly fat is unhealthy since it raises the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and others. Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds the organs in your stomach.

Aside from regular sit-ups, you should limit your intake of specific items that lead to a large stomach, such as:

1. Grains: Many nutritionists recommend that we include grains in our meals because of their health benefits, but they can be difficult to digest and cause bloating. Bread, garlic, spaghetti, and other foods are examples of these.

2. Alcohol causes the body to retain water, and the gas included in these drinks might result in bloating. Constipation is another side effect of excessive drinking, which makes you feel bloated.

3. Dairy foods: Lactose is difficult to digest, and meals containing lactose, such as ice cream, cheese, and milk, make us feel bloated.

4. Coffee: coffee can irritate the stomach and cause bloating, and adding milk may exacerbate the problem owing to the lactose.

5. Fried foods: these include fats that contribute to a chubby stomach.

6. Foods that are packaged.

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